Autumnal Alfresco Dining: Maximizing Your Outdoor Dining Timeline

November 10, 2020
This year is as unpredictable as the weather can be in the Fall, these tips ensure you’re able to keep your outdoor space snug and safe to get the most out of this socially distanced dining season.

We’re certain of one thing, even if it’s 65 and sunny during the day, a chill is bound to fill the air once the sun dips below the horizon in the west. Keeping social distancing in mind, the safest place to be is outside. Your dinner party plans may look different now but prioritizing your guest’s comfortability will put them at ease and allow them to wind down into the night! If you want to keep your guests comfy and cozy while still being able to enjoy the fresh air, a great place to start is with an outdoor heater. These may be an investment but if you enjoy the outdoors, it’s one that is worth it and can carry you through multiple seasons. Trust us, once you fire it up, you’ll find yourself on many autumnal evenings turning it on and enjoying the company around you as you listen to the beautiful sounds of nature and laughter roar beneath the evening sky.

An alternative or additional option is a wood burning stove or a fire pit. You can find these at your local hardware store, or you can put on your work gloves and build a custom fire pit of your own with pavers. This would make a fiery conversation piece while sipping a bottle of wine, indeed!

While it may not be safe to snuggle up with your friends right now, cozy blankets will solve that problem! Break out the cozy textiles! Blankets are your best friend and you can never have too many! Toss a few throw blankets out and invite your guests to grab them. The more texture the better! Chunky, knitted, silky and soft, these will all add indoor depth to your outdoor oasis and make your guests feel relaxed and at home! The added bonus of making outside feel like inside can make or break a chilly night! The same thing goes for pillows, they can easily accessorize your outdoor furniture and keep it up to date in style! Keep things comfy, cozy and warm and watch the night melt away before you have a chance to check the time.

The optimal autumnal lighting provides a gorgeous golden glow that makes everybody look like a million bucks. While this beautiful lighting occurs naturally at golden hour, about an hour before the sun goes down, it can be achieved just as wonderfully once the sun has set. To achieve this beautifully glowing light that defines a perfect autumnal evening, invest in some large outdoor string lights. These large Edison bulbs provide a glow that creates an indescribable, inviting atmosphere. Simply string them up across your space and watch it come to life.

Another way to achieve this warm inviting glow is with fire, candles and lanterns. Embracing one of Earth’s natural elements, fire, will only further warm up your space (both literally and figuratively!) You can set tea light candles in jars to ensure there’s no chance to have an accident! Or you can even purchase candles with artificial flames if you have little humans around and want to eliminate any chance of an accident. Or, if you know yourself after a few glasses of wine, this may be the safest alternative!

However you choose to celebrate this season, be sure to do it in good company with great provisions from Central Market. Most importantly, be sure to celebrate the everyday safely!

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