Behind the Bottle

April 9, 2021
Signature Craft Cocktails Backed by Years of Experience

We’ve been making crowd pleasing concoctions on our patios for years. Our signature blends the H2O Martini, Tellers Cosmo, Jalapeño Margarita, Passion Cosmo and Babylon Express have made headlines since they launched well over 10 years ago.

The pandemic caused a major shift in how people drink. To make our cocktails accessible in a whole new way, we’ve introduced our new to-go BAR signature Cocktail Collection: a contemporary spin on our classic cocktail menu, made to be enjoyed in new sharing size sustainable bottles. 

Our philosophy on mixology is to create memorable cocktails with top-of-the-line ingredients and fresh juices mixed perfectly every single time. This tried-and-true philosophy in creating cocktails with layers of striking flavor has kept our guests wanting more for years. 

We sat down with our Mixology team to discover what makes our cocktails so special. Each cocktail’s recipe has been carefully evaluated and refined to ensure they are approachable and enjoyable with every sip. 

Our new collection features our top selling cocktails: the H2O Martini that lights up the patio with its striking aqua color and crisp, refreshing citrus kick. The Tellers Cosmo, tart, classic and sophisticated, the perfect drink for people who are certain of things. The Jalapeño Margarita, spicy with just the right bit of attitude, but approachable with its sweet, citrus finish. The Passion Cosmo, unique, flirty and what you drink when your whole life is a special occasion. And finally, the most popular Babylon Expresssilky, herbaceous and crisp, the one everybody is talking about. 

While these cocktails have signature personalities defined by their flavor and flare, the common denominator is they’ve been crafted uniquely for years by our expert bartenders and mixologists. Enjoy our signature blends with the to-go BAR collection, ready for a summer in color wherever you choose to celebrate.

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