Behind the Brand: Backed By Real Chefs

April 30, 2021
Crafting more than your average meal kit.

Take a seat at the table and relax, our Chefs have this covered. The esteemed team behind Central Market put everything inside the box, except themselves. Bringing restaurant quality experiences into your home, while they handle the work for you.

 The team is helmed by our Executive Corporate Chef James McDevitt, in collaboration with our team of chef’s; , Joseph Rosselli of Harbor Club at Prime, Richard Soriano of Tellers: An American Chophouse and Thomas Haferkamp of Tellers Next Door.

Structured by their experience, they’ve crafted more than just a meal kit. With experience owning his own restaurant, Chef James understands the full dynamic of the restaurant experience, boiling it down into easy-to-follow instructions and recipe videos for the home chef. 

Chef James McDevitt

With a distinction for quality cuts, Chef Richie ensures these kits are packed with top-of-the-line cuts of meat, quality you can’t find at the supermarket. Chef Joe’s taste for recipes with unique ingredients makes it simple to transform your dinner table into a dining destination with ease.  Chef Tom’s dedication and facilitation ensures these kits arrive to your door displaying top-of-the-line restaurant quality.

Backed by real chefs, Central Market is bridging the gap between our kitchen and yours. With exceptional culinary experiences that transcend our tables, Central Market makes it possible to elevate your everyday, with a little help from our chefs.