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Gorgeous and Good For You Food: Our Essential Picks for Gifting Good Taste This Holiday Season

December 11, 2020
We’ve made giving the gift of good taste possible in one click. Savor what’s left of 2020 and check out our CM must-haves for giving your favorite foodies the gifts they *actually* want.

Pour a glass of vino and get ready to get gifting! It’s that time of year again. Make sure your wifi connection is as strong as your willpower when it comes to clicking “add to cart” (we’re on a first name basis with the Amazon driver, too.) We’re ready to share some perfect picks we’ve been dreaming up for your favorite foodies (don’t blame us if these items end up on your wishlist.) With all the time we’ve spent inside we know an extra thing or two about all of the people we love – maybe one too many actually. We’ve compiled the perfect list of Grill-worthy steaks for the guys, lean and clean protein for your keto fanatic friends, kits full of gourmet surprises for those date nights once you’ve watched the entire Netflix catalogue, and of course, our best bottled grapes, because wine not. Keep reading for all of our top picks!

Vegans, skip ahead! We’re starting with steak. Quality over quantity always, so give your favorite steak lover the prime cuts that will help bring their A-game in the kitchen. The grill worthy CM Butcher Shop has a wide assortment of scrumptious steaks to satiate any big appetite and impress the pickiest steak connoisseurs. Quality means dry-aged to perfection, tender and flavorful and buttery smooth when sliced (and not from the grocery store.) Not well versed in marbled meats? Our Chefs have hand-selected these USDA Prime Dry-Aged cuts based on their high standards in our award-winning kitchens, assuring each and every one is consistently gift-worthy.

Not sure where to start? Filet Mignons make a true steak lover’s staple and ours find their way perfectly cooked out of the oven, every time. You’ll now own the title of best-gift-giver (you’re welcome, just don’t ruin it.) Filet Mignons are great, but a classic Ribeye has the potential to give you the upper hand as a prime cut. It remains tried and true in its versatility and possibility when placed in the hands of the right home chef. But the sizzling pick this holiday season? The Imperial Box. This custom kit was designed for this moment, so promise us it’ll end up in the hands of the self-titled steak king. Featuring four of the finest cuts: a 38 oz Porterhouse for 2, (2) 16 oz NY Strips and the most sought after slice, one 40oz Cowboy Ribeye. This kit comes fully loaded with 8oz of Horseradish Cream, aromatic Au Poivre Sauce, and House Steak Sauce. All of the essentials, giving the guy in your life the ingredients for a sacred and sear-iously delicious experience in the kitchen.

We all have one friend who totally owns the fit lifestyle with their willpower to turn down that second glass of wine (we’ll get there someday.) Give them props this holiday season as your #fitspo by contributing to their keto-crazed love for clean proteins. The CM Surf Shack is watching for you to cast your line and reel in some fresh filets. Our Salmon, Tuna Steaks, and Swordfish Filets make the perfect catch. The perfect luxe cheat meal that doesn’t stray too far from their strict standards? Lobster Tails, definitely. They can enjoy them boiled or steamed, while we enjoy them dripping in butter. These pair perfectly with a bottle of white wine from the Vine Room. Or, if they’re not a seafoodie, the All-Natural Chicken Breasts in our Hen House will make an essential protein boost for meal prep. Whichever their protein preference, we’re keeping it lean and clean!

We’re going to be cooped up inside all winter, best to make the most of it, right? Another three months of binge watching Netflix and eating take out on the couch? We’re going to have to pass this time around, maybe next year. Get in the kitchen and off the couch! Treat your favorite couple or your somebody special to a luxury date night bringing one of CM’s luxury meal kits to the table.

Like we said before, quality matters and we know the people in your life agree. With our box-to-table kits you not only get incredible meals, but step-by-step prep instructions, giving you access to our Chef’s best prep secrets! The Filet Mignon Wellington Kit is a hearty meal great for four, or to split into two date-night feasts. Tender Filet Mignon, Duxelles and golden puff pastry. Waiting to be smothered in Brie Fondue and Bordelaise, drooling yet? (you may *accidentally* add two to your cart and we’re not planning to stop you – it’s for your own good.) Brussels Sprouts and Fingerling Potatoes par-cooked sides come ready to heat with individual Carrot Cakes as a sweet dessert bonus! Another decadent date night option is our Delmonico Steak Meal Kit for Two that made its big debut this month (seriously, these steaks are huge.) This delicious kit includes two hearty Ribeye steaks, Parmesan Truffle Crust that bubbles a beautiful golden brown under the broiler, Potatoes Au Gratin and Honey Glazed Carrots for filling sides, and Chocolate Peppermint Pots de Creme for dessert. The best part? The included bottle of red wine our Sommelier picked, because steak without wine? What’s the point? One click to add to your cart, one short ride to pick up your kit, and one perfect gift for your go-to double-date couple!

Girls night out is now girls night IN, and we’re positive distance has nothing on girls night (zoom, we love you.) Liven up the neighborhood by dropping a beautiful bottle from the CM Vine Room on the porch of all of your favorite wine-o’s. Leave an invitation for a boozy bachelorette afternoon tasting (via zoom, duh!) Decant the bottles and let the wine breathe while you catch up with some much needed R&R. If you’ve got one special wine lover in your life and you’re not well versed in notes and tannins, don’t worry, we asked our Sommelier for the 411, and he spilled the grapes. With 25 of his top picks, there is a beautiful bottle in every price range just in time for your holiday shopping. Grab a classic bottle like the Cabernet Sauvignon from Cakebread Cellars or a few more affordable picks from esteemed brands like Clay Shannon, Chloe Wine, and Conundrum. Arrive at your favorite hostess’s holiday bash bearing a bottle of wine – the perfect reminder to rest, relax, and recharge.

Whatever you choose to gift this holiday season know that Central Market has you covered with the freshest picks for every one of your favorite foodies! Giving the gift of good taste is only one click away!