How to Get the Perfect Sip

March 26, 2021
At home cocktail tools you absolutely need, our Sommelier says so.

            We all know how the perfect cocktail can be the best finishing touch to a good meal. Or an entire experience on its own. Experience love at first sip and wow your guests every time when you have these essential bar tools handy. We checked with our Sommelier, just to be safe. 

            A cocktail jigger is going to be your best friend behind the bar. Jiggers can range in size and measure in ounces. Our bartenders use 1-2oz jiggers, allowing them to craft delicious cocktails featuring perfect ratios of alcohol to mixers. Get the perfect pour every time when you keep this within reach. 

            If you’re creating a stirred cocktail, you’re going to need a bar spoon. This simple instrument is used in hundreds of recipes and will always be convenient to have around. When you create stirred cocktails, like a Tellers Old Fashioned, you’ll need a Julep Strainer, which traditionally, is used to strain stirred drinks.  If you prefer cocktails that are shaken not stirred, you’ll find these next few tools useful. 

            This leads us to a cocktail shaker. This item is fairly self-explanatory, allowing you to achieve the perfectly shaken cocktails like our beloved Babylon Express. (Insider intel: if you’re not the bartender type but love a good cocktail, stay tuned, the to-go BAR cocktail collection is on its way!) Shaking a cocktail will blend its ingredients together harmoniously and also makes warm spirits cold. A pro tip from our bartenders and sommelier: always build your cocktail in a regular pint glass, once the cocktail is created, then use the cocktail shaker in addition to the glass to shake the cocktail. According to the general rule of thumb of many bartenders, the Hawthorne Strainer is used to strain shaken cocktails. 

            The satisfaction of creating your own custom cocktails and learning new things about mixology is great. If you don’t have these essentials around your personal bar, consider investing in quality barware to bring cocktails to life. Break in your new barware by crafting your own signature custom cocktail to serve at your home bar.