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Local Agriculture Changing Our Relationship with Food

March 26, 2021
We love bringing fresh produce to our table from our favorite local farms on Long Island.

            Food nourishes us, but more than that: it connects us. Our Chefs and local farmers share a deep love for food. Both are consistently conscious about where food originates and the journey it travels to get to the plate. The freshness of local food makes it more nutritious than something that’s traveled far and wide and lost some of its nutrient content on the way to the grocery store shelf. Investing in our local community by supporting local farms and agriculture grounds us in our fundamental beliefs about the importance of family, community and quality ingredients. Here’s a few of our local favorites that we love to visit during their open season that help us bring farm to table.

Early Girl Farm:

Early Girl Farm’s mission is to nourish biologically thriving soil, loaded with minerals to sustain delicious veggies rich with flavor. It was founded in 2010 by Patty Gentry, who was previously a prestigious professional Chef, hence, running with a deep love for food. 

Sang Lee Farms:

            Located on the North Fork of Long Island in Peconic, Sang Lee Farms grows more than 100 varieties of specialty veggies and features Asian produce. They’re committed to Certified Organic Growing Practices to ensure their producing the highest quality vegetables and exceptional service to their clientele. 

Deer Run Farm Stand:

            Situated in the heart of Brookhaven, this pleasant stand is a staple when it comes to Chef Francis’s produce picks. This charming farm has been run by one family for five generations and they’re passionate about providing their clientele with fresh produce. Anybody in the area can attest, stopping at Deer Run is a staple in their routine. 

            If you’re looking for a fresh produce solution during the season, consider opting into a CSA. This is “community-supported agriculture” a crop sharing system that allows you to subscribe to a harvest over the course of the season, getting access to the freshest produce from the farm of your choice to bring quality, locally grown ingredients to the table. Of course, alternatively, you can always just stop by the farm stand and pick what you like, there are options for everybody. One thing we’re certain of is you can never go wrong bringing farm fresh ingredients to the table: it’s great for the community and better for your health.