Bottle of Babylon Express

$48.00 Including tax: $52.14

crop cucumber vodka, st. germain, pineapple juice, fresh lime

One day, in Babylon, a cucumber, a pineapple, and a lime walked into a bar… And Long Island hasn’t been the same ever since. The number one selling cocktail in all of our restaurants, the Babylon Express is the drink everyone’s talking about. Silky smooth and perfectly sweet, with a lightly herbal kick, this cocktail is summer’s best friend.

About This:

  • Serves 5 cocktails
  • Alcohol comes pre-mixed
  • Surprise treat included at pickup

How to Enjoy:

  • Fill 4 rocks glasses (the short one) with ice and pour cocktail into each evenly. Enjoy!
  • Keep refrigerated! Cocktail will keep for 7-10 day in a refrigerator.
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