Bottle of Tellers Cosmo

$48.00 Including tax: $52.14

homemade limoncello, red cranberry juice, fresh lime

This is not your mama’s cosmo. Sweet, tart, classic, and fresh, the Tellers Cosmo is like your super fashionable friend with the heart of gold. So, grab a bottle, a friend, and some ice and enjoy the Tellers Cosmo wherever this crazy thing called life takes you.

About This:

  • Serves 5 cocktails
  • Alcohol comes pre-mixed
  • Surprise treat included at pickup
  • Pickup available at Tellers only

How to Enjoy:

  • Fill 4 rocks glasses (the short one) with ice and pour cocktail into each evenly. Enjoy!
  • Keep refrigerated! Cocktail will keep for 7-10 day in a refrigerator.

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