Bottle of H2O Martini

$48.00 Including tax: $52.14

hpnotiq, citrus vodka, white cranberry juice

Sometimes in life, you just have to keep sipping… And the H2O Martini makes it just too easy. One of the most popular drinks sold at H2O, Prime, and Tellers, the H2O Martini is a sweet twist on the classic ‘tini, with bright citrus flavors and a smooth, go-with-the-flow vibe.

About This:

  • Serves 5 cocktails
  • Alcohol comes pre-mixed
  • Surprise treat included at pickup

How to Enjoy:

  • Fill 4 rocks glasses (the short one) with ice and pour cocktail into each evenly. Enjoy!
  • Keep refrigerated! Cocktail will keep for 7-10 day in a refrigerator.
You will have the chance to choose your preferred pickup location, date, and time during checkout.

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