Bottle of Jalapeño Margarita

$48.00 Including tax: $52.14

aldez silver organic tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, homemade jalapeño syrup

Spice up your life with a bottle of Jalapeño Margarita. A fan favorite at Prime, Tellers, and H2O, this refreshing, mildly spicy cocktail is perfect for sipping pool-side this summer. One bottle serves 5 cocktails so phone a friend and make sure they bring the ice!

About This:

  • Serves 5 cocktails
  • Alcohol comes pre-mixed
  • Surprise treat included at pickup

How to Enjoy:

  • Fill 4 rocks glasses (the short one) with ice and pour cocktail into each evenly. Enjoy!
  • Keep refrigerated! Cocktail will keep for 7-10 day in a refrigerator.
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