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Tastes Good, But is it Good for You?

March 26, 2021
The nutritional benefits of eating meat.

            When health and wellness are the goal, ingredients are key. In recent years with a forward focus on health and green living, eating meat has been called into question. Is it good for us? The verdict: eating meat is good for your body, as long as you follow a few guidelines that ensure the optimization of its nutritional benefits. 

            Although we love leafy greens as much as the next person, eating a strictly plant-based diet has the potential to leave us with an array of vitamin deficiencies, which can pose health risks if they’re not being supplemented. One key player is the vitamin b-12; it’s responsible for keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and is even important for brain health, according to Diana Rodgers, RD ( Meat is also a complete source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that allow the body to function healthily. While you can find protein in a lot of yummy plant-based foods, like beans and nuts, many aren’t complete proteins, so alone, they’re not enough to properly fuel us. Anybody following a plant-based diet would need to focus on strategic food pairings to ensure they’re achieving proper nourishment, eating the right balance of meat will eliminate the guesswork.

If we’re certain about anything, you should always opt for meats (and any other food you consume) that have not been processed or filled with preservatives. Processed red meats, such as bacon or hot dogs, have established and consistent links to being poor choices with negative outcomes for one’s health. Purchasing meat fresh from Central Market, or your local butcher, and seasoning it yourself is the way to go. These meats are fresh, with no additives (did we mention we love supporting local?) On a regular basis, stick with cooking meat at a lower temperature (i.e., opting for baking meats like chicken and fish over frying them.) It maintains more of the nutrient content and is the healthier choice. But on a special occasion, indulging in other preparations is totally okay.

While many medical professionals and dietitians disagree on how much meat you should consume, stick with what you like and what makes you feel good. Switching up your proteins between red meat and fish can be a good way to diversify your diet and cover all the vitamin bases. It’s best to consult with your own primary care doctor or dietitian to determine what a well-rounded diet looks like for you. We know one thing is for certain, the quality of meat you’ll get from Central Market is not something you can find at the grocery store. We’re bridging the gap from our kitchen, to yours.